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Forex Quote API FAQ

Where does 1Forge get its data?

Our data comes from a high-volume London based broker who gets it directly from European trading floors and delivers it to us through a FIX connection. Our data is updated 100+ times per second and is delivered to end customers in under 100 milliseconds. This same data is used by several Forex brokerages and options houses.

Is your data as fast as that of Thomson Reuters, Xignite, XE and Oanda?

Yes! We are the only forex quote data provider that obtains quotes directly from a high-volume broker via FIX, stores them directly in memory for immediate consumption, and serves them up via JSON at 100+ updates per second.

How often is your data updated?

Our data is updated up to 100+ times per second depending on market volume. You can view the technical details for all of our packages here:

How is 'price' derived/calculated

The price we display is the average of current bid and ask price, ie: price = (bid + ask) / 2.

Can I use 1Forge data for commercial purposes?

Yes! You can use 1Forge data for any lawful purpose as long as you don’t resell or redistribute it in it's raw format. For more information about acceptable uses please see the 1Forge license agreement located here:

Can I resell 1Forge data?

No, we don’t allow any clients to resell or redistribute 1Forge data. For more information about acceptable uses please see the 1Forge license agreement located here:

Can you help me integrate 1Forge data into my project?

Yes! Please email us at and we will see what we can do to help.

How many requests can I send?

The number of requests you can send on a daily basis is based on your quota limit for your plan. You can see the plans and their respective quotas here:

How do I check my quota usage?

You can check your quota usage by logging in here: You can also make an API call to check your usage like this:

In what formats is 1Forge Forex data available?

1Forge data is available in JSON, XML and CSV formats. If you have custom requirements please contact us by emailing and we will do our best to accommodate.

When do quotas reset?

Quotas are reset daily at midnight EST (New York, New York).

What are your weekend hours? In other words: At what time does your data stop updating on Friday, and when does it start again on Sunday?

Our weekend starts on Friday at 9:00 PM GMT and ends on Sunday at 9:00 PM GMT.

Where is 1Forge located?

1Forge was founded in Southeast Michigan and is now located in Portland, Oregon.
(347) 974-2995